Conference Venue

Fűzfa Hotel és Pihenőpark
3388 Poroszló, Kossuth Lajos út 81.
47.649976◦ N, 20.668603◦ E

The site can host 95 persons (95 beds), half of them in a large house as separate rooms with 2, 3 and 4 beds. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom, fridge, air conditioning, and WIFI access. The other half of the beds are located in small wooden houses, equipped also with private bathroom and fridge plus air conditioning and WIFI access.

The conference room can host 120 persons, so when the 95 beds are booked, 25 additional participants can register as "No-accommodation" and book their own accommodation elsewhere.

The site includes thermal bath, sauna, indoor swimming pool and outdoor thermal bath, which could be used free of charge during the conference - so if you would like to enjoy them bring relevant bathing clothes. There is a “night bar” where various drinks could be bought, three billiard tables can be used next to chairs and tables, around three bowling alleys (this last is not free of charge for use and the drinks in the bar also should be paid for).

There is a canoe and bike rental facility so anyone interested in using them should inquire at the reception.

The conference site is at the Great Hungarian Plain, Hortobagy area, nearby a village called Poroszló, about 140 km to the east of Budapest, between 1,5 and 2 hours driving distance, at the lake called Tisza-tó, at the area of the Natural Reserve Hortobagy (part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites). The "Fűzfa Hotel és Pihenőpark" (Willow Hotel and Recreation Park) is a farm-like hotel, with buildings in 100-200 m walking distance from each other.